S P 2 I L Q

first contact with this interesting hobby: 1966

examin, licence and own callsign: 1973

first contact as SP2ILQ:
with the station SP3IYW – January 1977

first European contact:
with the station LA0BM – February 1977

first DX contact:
with the station JT1AN – April 1978

I like: 
working in contests, hunting awards
working with the radio outdoor

I don't like: 
stupid chewing rags on the band

other interests: travelling, playing bridge, music (classical first of all), history of navy and naval radio


I am a member of:

Polski Związek Krótkofalowców

Klub Miłośników Zawodów Krótkofalarskich

Polski Klub APRS

Polski Klub Telegrafistów SPCWC

Polski Klub Gmina Award PGA

European Phase Shifting Club

Straight Key Century Club